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Rothiemurchus, like the rest of the Cairngorms, is shaped by geology, climate, glaciers and early settlers but it is the Multiple Land Use Policy practiced over the last three centuries that has resulted in an “unspoiled” environment. Taken together in terms of variety, wildness, intimacy and welcome this landscape is unrivalled. From 1954 the quality of the environment has been formally recognised by the 55,000 hectare of government designations that cover the 10,000 hectare of the estate; an average 5.5 units of designation on every unit of land! Today protection and enhancement is achieved by looking after nature and people.  This is helped by working closely with government.

Multiple Land Use respects all interests including nature and the enjoyment of nature in all aspects of economic activity. Forexample the purpose of the Forest Plan is to enable management to safeguard biological diversity with a presumption toward improving conditions for rare species that are threatened elsewhere together with meeting recreational, social and economic objectives. By caring and hard work we can ensure that the full range of habitats are protected and enhanced so that the landscape and species are conserved for future generations to enjoy. 

> We invite visitors and others to engage in this conservation work, please have a look at the Maintenance Trust.

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