An Camas Mòr - a proposed New Community in the Highlands of Scotland
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Delivery and Indicative Land use Plans
Summary & Location

This report presents the Indicative Land Use Plan and the Proposed Masterplan for a new community at An Camas Mòr, a site in Rothiemurchus of 105 hectares to the east of the River Spey at Aviemore.  The site would include up to 1500 residential units (subject to regular review) with associated business, community facilities and infrastructure provision, to be completed by 2027.

The site was first proposed by Aviemore & Vicinity Community Council in 1989 and was identified in the Badenoch and Strathspey Local Plan 1997.  It is in the Deposit Draft with modifications Cairngorms National Park Local Plan. 

The level of detail of the Proposed Masterplan and the layout and design guidelines which the report contains, demonstrate ‘in principle’ that a Detailed Masterplan and Layout and Design Guidelines can be prepared that would deliver the aspirations for the new community.

Design Process
The planning process has been led by Rothiemurchus Estate and latterly An Camas Mòr LLP, with assistance from a strong professional design team led by Gehl Architects.  It has been undertaken over a period of four years in parallel with the preparation of an Environmental Impact Assessment.  The proposals would be taken forward in consultation with officers of the Cairngorms National Park Authority, The Highland Council and other authorities and agencies who have worked with the design team in a consultation process including themed workshops to meet the requirements of the Local and Structure Plans and National Planning Advice to ensure that it contributes to the achievement of the Aims of the National Park and The Cairngorms National Park Plan.  A separate Public Consultation Statement accompanies this report.
At this stage the proposals are indicative.  The illustrations are generic and included to illuminate the text, they are not the result of any detailed design and should not be taken as actual designs.  Likewise, the proposed place names are only indicative.  Actual designs would be subject to detailed applications, period by period, site by site, which would inevitably reflect changing circumstances and priorities over time.
Phasing in General

An Camas Mòr would be designed with flexibility to meet the needs of the community and the Local Plan whilst suiting changing circumstances and maintaining quality.  It would have a sense of place in its own right from the time it is a small hamlet, over twenty or more years, until it becomes a large village.  Keeping infrastructure costs to a practical minimum would be an important consideration at all times, as well as minimising unnecessary expenditure for future phases.  The settlement would be designed to suit a broad mix of all housing types and tenures, especially affordable and sustainable housing.

Period o
This shows the land use in July 2008
Period A TO 2011
This would be a short piece of ‘High Street’, self-contained and setting the tone for the rest of the development, starting at Lairig Square and finishing at ‘Small Cross’.  It would be envisaged that offices would be included from the start, along with other employment opportunities, including a hotel and some apartments.  Period A is designed to satisfy the Local Plan requirement of 100 houses to be built by 2011, by a range of providers, including self-build.  From the start cycle and foot paths would be built to Coylumbridge and Aviemore.  A regular bus service would be provided, going the length of the High Street.  The road to Coylumbridge would be upgraded too.  The first phase would include the planting of the tree framework for future park and garden areas.
Period B TO 2016
This would carry on from Period A without any major addition of infrastructure, except for an emergency exit route onto the Nethy Road.  It would be filling in behind the ‘High Street’ with housing and mixed uses.  Taken together Periods A and B would be the first phase of construction
Period C TO 2018
This would see a continuation of the High Street, to the ‘Main Cross,’ with further employment space, infilling of housing down side streets and the circus park.  The bus route would be adjusted to suit.  A track to the substation would be provided to give a separate route for construction traffic, from the south.  It is envisaged by this stage that the school and a playing field would be required, sited adjacent to the open space to the west.  Some trees would be removed from existing plantation areas for future housing sites
Period D TO 2027

This would complete the High Street, with further employment space, as well as the rest of the residential and mixed use housing.  The bus route would be altered into a circuit.  The housing would provide a full range of types and tenures and the parks and play spaces completed.  The school may have grown by then and need an additional playing field.  The main vehicular access to An Camas Mòr would be from the south, along the previous construction route, over the Druie.  After 1500 units have been built, any further expansion would need to be internal, by extensions and conversions.

Period D shows the Indicative Land Use Plan for which Outline Planning Consent is being applied.

This shows the significant areas of woodland and open space but it does not show the gardens and biotope strips which are associated with the proposed construction and which would be additional green space.
Images collected by the Architects while work was in progress Images collected by the Architects while work was in progress
Images collected by the Architects while work was in progress Images collected by the Architects while work was in progress
Images collected by the Architects while work was in progress Images collected by the Architects while work was in progress
Images collected by the Architects while work was in progress Images collected by the Architects while work was in progress
Images collected by the Architects while work was in progress  
Design Team Draft Documents (Protected)